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Honda CBR250/300R

Honda CBR250/300R

      Honda CBR250R Parts

The Honda CBR250R, one of the bigger bikes we cater too, it's certainly a thing of beauty, inside and out. With its 250cc 4-stroke engine, and six-speed manual transmission, it's a beast on the streets. Now you may be thinking, "beast?" Sure, there are the 600's and 1,000's out there, but it's a tad bit more than necessary. We love that the CBR250R pack one helluva punch but not overkill, we see the excitement and fun that comes with shifting between gears while navigating the city streets or hitting the highways. Here in California, there's a 250cc minimum to hop on the highways/freeways, so it's great that it's got enough to legally get us out there. Just to be expected from Honda Powersports, it's also beautiful on the eyes with its aggressively sport design and its fairings and fenders perfectly shaped and painted. It'll get your blood boiling.  Read more

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