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Brakes & Suspension

The stock Honda Metropolitan brakes does its job, but when it comes to better control for performance and safety, a disc brake setup is hard to beat. We've got a variety of ways for you to implement a kit yourself. We have full kits that include everything from the wheels to a master cylinder, but we also have the individual components if you'd like to piece one together yourself. And if you've already got a disc brake setup, check out our stainless steel brake lines and other goodies to upgrade to.

But don't forget, when it comes to performance, stability and control, your suspension system plays a vital role. Upgrade your front forks to a low profile aftermarket set with a stiffer setting. And also extremely important is a proper rear shock, there are many reasons to get a high quality unit. First, for those with an extension kit, you'll need something to make sure it doesn't bottom out when you ride over a bump or hit a pothole; the factory rear shock is far too soft. Next, with many sport or high performance upgrade, a stiffer suspension will improve stability and control, look around and you'll find fully adjustable systems with piggyback reservoirs! Finally and simply, a nice rear shock will really make a great impression.

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