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Engine & Transmission

Just looking at the Honda Ruckus, sure it's a thing of beauty, but it was born to move! There are a variety of routes you can go in the engine and transmission area. We can help if you just want to properly maintain it and keep it running well, but if you want to upgrade its performance (like we like to hear), we are beyond happy to help. Upgrade your carburetor for better air intake, or a nice beefy exhaust to get better release from the combustion and become more noticeable on the road. But you can also make more subtle, low-key performance upgrades such as to the variator or clutch. But with all these types of upgrades, don't forget a new CDI to get rid of that limiter.

However, don't forget that simply bolting and wiring everything on is not enough, to really optimize the potential of your parts, you've got to properly tune and jet, so check out the variator rollers/sliders or jet set to suit your needs. Also look into our accessories for tools to help you make tuning much easier.

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