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Steering & Frame

Aside from all the plastic floorboards and covers, and the rear end, another major area of focus for Honda Ruckus is the control and steering area. Mods in this area is favorite because it is easy to do and the options are endless. How is this? Once you remove the factory handlebar, you can go with an endless list of universal stem and handlebar options. The handlebar and stem mod commonly happens the same time as the lowered seat frame mod to provide a better, sportier riding posture and appearance. When you're ready, also check out the different grip options and control units.

Upgrading frame parts on your Honda Ruckus is one you can do early on because they generally simply bolt-on, or are must-have items that everyone goes for and will last the life of your Ruckus. This includes simple items such as lowered seat frames to lower that center of gravity or make planting your feet on the ground more comfortable, or replacing that heavy center stand that came with the Ruckus with a nice aftermarket kickstand, or as with the majority of modified Ruckus owners, the floorboards are probably already gone, in which some nice pegs will do you good. Or for the intermediate or more advanced mods, check out extension kits for your stock (GET) engine, or a mount for your engine swap.

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