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Steering & Suspension

A major area of focus for Yamaha Zuma is the control and steering area. Mods in this area are a favorite because it is easy to do and the options are endless. How is this? Once you remove the factory handlebar, you can go with a huge list of universal stem and handlebar options. When you're ready, also check out the different control units and grip options to fend off rider fatigue.

But don't forget, when it comes to performance, stability and control, your suspension system plays a vital role. Upgrade your front forks to a low profile aftermarket set with a stiffer setting. It is extremely important to have a proper rear shock; there are many reasons to get a high quality unit. With many sport or high performance upgrades, a stiffer suspension will improve stability and control, look around and you'll find fully adjustable systems with piggyback reservoirs! Also simply, a nice rear shock will really make a great impression.

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