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AIM Sports

AiM Sports is a world leader in providing data acquisition technology. AiM Sports units have been popular for use in krats, race cars, race bikes, and more. The different models are compact enough to easily fit in all types of vehicles and houses a large display for easy use. The different units come with the ability to track performance as a traditional speedometer or tachometer for RPM, and capabilities to function as a temp gauge, pressure gauge, lap timer, and more!

These units are especially beneficial for motorcycle and scooter applications with its minimalist design. These can easily be mounted to handlebars, or hidden away near the floorboards if just used for lap tracking or tuning. With many motorcycles and scooters, they come with just the bare minimum of speed and tach, but as a tuner like most of us are, we also need to know how the vehicle is running so we can adjust accordingly to get it to its optimum performance setting! An AiM Sport product is sure to meet your needs!

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