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Battery Tender

For many, we don't get to ride our motorcycle or scooters as often as we like, sometimes it's only on the weekends or just monthly for special occasions. Lack of riding can harm your battery, every time the battery is fully depleted, it doesn't charge back to its optimal levels. Also, even if it's your daily driver, your vehicle may be discharging energy faster than it is able to generate and restore into the battery. A Battery Tender charger can help keep your battery healthy, each kit includes quick release connectors that are easily accessible and includes a cover for when not in use. The Battery Tender Junior is powerful enough to even handle bulk charging and trickle charging of a car. Also available are extra quick disconnect plugs so that you can use this with multiple vehicles. Spare cables are especially great if you have several toys to maintain. Kits also include alligator clips to charge a other batteries such as a friend in need.

Whether you have a scooter, motorcycle, or even car, if your vehicle goes through prolonged periods of inactivity, a trickle charger is a must-have to make sure that when you are ready to ride again, so is your battery. A low cost trickle charger can save you the cost of getting a new battery, and the headaches of having to replace a dead battery at the wrong time.

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