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DROWsports Zuma 125 Carbon Fiber "Max Air Oil Cooler Duct"

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Maximize the efficiency and potential of your oil cooler by adding a light-weight, high-strength carbon fiber air duct to force in the maximum amount of air possible to the core of your oil cooler!



Your Zuma 125 runs relatively hot, pair a oil cooler with the DROWsports Carbon Fiber Max Air Oil Cooler Duct to force clean cold air directly to the core of the cooler. This duct was designed especially for the Yamaha Zuma 125, so bolting it on is simple. This unit is compatible with popular oil coolers such as the ones from RRGS, Taida, and NCY. Maximize the power of your oil cooler by getting clean cool air to it!

When you pick up a DROWsports Carbon Fiber piece, it comes with strength, durability, resilience, and a high quality finish. This is because all DROWsports carbon fiber pieces are made from quality carbon fiber and true epoxy resin instead of any fiberglass or weak polyester resin. Using epoxy resin is a premium in carbon fiber parts but it's characteristics allows for less to be used meaning it will give the parts the proper strength, but enough pliancy to prevent cracking. The carbon fiber and epoxy in it is what gives our parts its lightweight strength and long lasting finish. Your bike is going to spend a lot of time on the road, so feel reassured that your carbon parts and the parts they are protect will be able to handle the elements while not wear from the heat of your bike components. You can also ride with confidence knowing that the strength of your carbon parts are sturdy yet have just enough flexibility, these parts will hold up! The strength of the carbon parts we carry is important is because not only are they intended to look good, but to also serve an additional purpose of protecting a part of your ride and/or give it a performance boost.

Additional Info

Additional Info



  • Yamaha Zuma 125
  • Yamaha BWS 125

Compatible Oil Cooler Core:

  • RRGS Core 
  • Taida Core
  • NCY Core
Brand DROWsports


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