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How to install Drowsports Auto-lube Delete Plate

The auto-lube pump purpose is to feed 2-stroke oil into the stock carb. This set up is perfect for a stock bike. But once you start adding more fuel, you will run into leaning problems. (Lean= oil vs. fuel not fuel vs. air.) The best way to fix this is to go pre-mix, no more oil injection. This Drowsports Auto-lube Delete will cover the hole left from removing the Auto-lube pump. Drowsports Auto-lube Delete Plate will work on all Yamaha Zuma/Grand Axis engines.

What you will need:

-Philip Screwdriver

-Pliers -Purple or Blue strength thread lock


-a can of brake cleaner (not necessary)

1. Remove Side Cover.
There are four philip screws holding the side cover on.