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JT Honda Grom Front Sprocket

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Sprocket tuning is the key to fine tuning your Grom to your riding needs.

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You've just put money down on a new Honda Grom or financed it and you may be unwilling to spend money right away to upgrade it. Changing your sprockets might be an ideal early mod for you. Available at DROWsports are the 13t, 14t, 15t, and 16t front sprockets. This low cost and easy to do mod can improve your acceleration right away. Your stock Honda Grom comes with the 15t front sprocket, by changing to the 14t or 13t it will increase your low end acceleration. With the smaller CC bikes and city riding, having as much top speed as possible is less of a priority, where as being able to accelerate to your desired speed may be more important. Utilizing the 14t sprocket will improve your acceleration, but implementing the 13t sprocket will provide the best acceleration. Also available is the 15t which is a direct replacement for your stock setting. In addition, we have the 16t sprocket, the +1 will lead to a slower take off, this is ideal primarily for those with a big bore setup. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the easiest and most cost effective mods you could do early on, in just a few minutes with some basic tools, you can have your stock front sprocket replaced higher performance sprocket!

Additional Info

Additional Info



  • Honda Grom
  • Honda MSX125

Factory Configuration: 15t Front & 34t Rear (2.27)


  • 13T (Best acceleration max speed 65mph on rev limiter)
  • 14T ( improve acceleration)
  • 15T (Stock replacement)
  • 15T (Slow take off, higher top speed with big bore)

13 14 15 16
33 2.54 2.36 2.20 2.06*
34 2.62 2.43 2.27 2.13
35 2.69* 2.50 2.33 2.19*
36 2.77* 2.57 2.40 2.25
37 2.85* 2.64* 2.47 2.31*

*Inadvisable configuration
Brand JT Sprockets


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