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Klotz R50 TechniPlate Pre-Mix Oil 1-Gal

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Klotz R50 TechniPlate Oil is formulated just for Hi-RPM engines, perfect for scooters performing at it's limits.



Klotz TechniPlate R50 pre-mix is one of our favorites for the shop as being easy on the wallet and performing more than extremely well in our 2-stroke bikes. It's a pure synthetic lubricant to handle high-performance 2-stroke racing engines with Clean Burn Technology, and an excellent smoke rating. You'll find that the Klotz R50 pre-mix is one of the cleanest burning and quick and easy mixing formulas to use in your 2-stroke. It's film strength is comparable to castor oil, but burns far cleaner! Having Clean Burn not only cleans up your emission but also helps inside your engine with clean combustions to preserve the life and performance of your well built and maintained machine!

Additional Info

Additional Info


Smoke Rating (1 = fog - 10 = no smoke): 9

Clean Burn™ (1 = heavy deposits - 10 = no carbon): 9

Film Strength (1 = failure - 10 = no wear): 10

Pour Point: -9°F

Flash Point: 550°F

Maximum RPM: Unlimited

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