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KOSO Yamaha Zuma 125 LED Tail Light

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 Koso Yamaha Zuma125 LED Tail Light with turn signals



This KOSO LED Tail Light is a plug and play unit for the Yamaha Zuma 125 or BWS125. The tail light has integrated turn signals and license plate light. This all inclusive unit will make sure your rear is properly illuminated. Available with white or yellow turn signals.

Additional Info

Additional Info



  • Yamaha Zuma125
  • Yamaha BWS125

*Aftermarket Flasher LED Relay is required if factory rear turn signals are removed.

Brand Koso


OEM light socket would not fit back into new unitReview by John
The shipping and website transaction was fast and efficient. Much better than what I would call normal for the web. Install was easy as noted everywhere on YouTube University. Small problems with my unconventional install. Both of my rear turn signal units were broken off at the posts. A combination of the Florida sun, catching on the cover on removal and AH bike week jerks. I wanted to eliminate them and just use the KOSO turn signals which is legal in Florida but not in CA and maybe other states. To do this and get the KOSO turn signals to work I had to have the original signals attached. I removed the bulb sockets from the broken units by cutting the wires a few inches from the sockets and pulling the wires out of the signal units. I crimped on new spade sockets and reattached the bulb sockets. I attached the bulb sockets to the two holes on the back of the KOSO unit. (Gorilla tape. If something goes wrong or a bulb goes out it is just three screws to fix it. Better waterproffing anyway.) Problem solved and everything working. Only real problem was the original bulb socket that you have put the adapter bayonet in would not fit into the KOSO unit. I miked it and the spec is off on one or the other. Time and the dremmel could fix it but Gorilla tape does a good job and waterproof is good. The bulb chamber behind the seat was all dry dust so it does not look like a lot of water gets in there anyway. I promise when I take it to race in Baja I will at least replace the tape. Hope this helps! (Posted on 5/7/18)
Great Way to CYA!Review by Ken
This is a very high quality tailight assembly that replaces the barely visible stock unit. This addition increases your visibility to other motorist, no kidding this light kit is super bright and that alone makes this kit a super value! (Posted on 11/6/14)

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