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Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor Security Lock

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Nothing around to secure your bike to on a regular or long term basis? Make one! Strong enough to be run over and take a serious beating to take apart without the keys.



Your bike can go to a lot places and fit in unexpected places, however it's not always secure. Create a safe place to lock your bike to with the Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor. Made from steel and steel composites, for best result, attach it directly into the cement ground below you! Even if you have your bike in your garage, it's not hard for a bold thief to break in and roll or carry your bike out. We've heard the horror stories and know how easy it is even for a single person to put a Honda Ruckus onto the back of a truck and ride off! Of course nothing is completely guaranteed unbreakable or 100% secure, but with this holding onto your motorcycle or scooter, they are really going to have to go to town on it and work for it!

Kit includes masonry drill bits and cement anchor bolts, just drill them in and you're good to go!

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product dimensions: 7.5” (19cm) anchor diameter
                                          1.65” (4.2cm) anchor height
  • Product weight: 6.10 lbs (2.77 kgs)
Brand Kryptonite


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