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Motul Chain Lube C2 Road

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Maintain the life of your chain with the Motul Lube C2 Road. The specially designed formula is colorless yet sticky and will protect your chain from corrosion and eliminate old residue build up.



Your chain is an important part of your ride. Keeping it lubricated will maintain the life of the scooter for as long as you own it. Motul Chain Lube C2 Road is a great product to keep your chain lubed and in working order. Created by Motul, whose products are trusted the world over, the Chain Lube C2 Road is a colorless yet sticky lubricant which will tack onto the chain even at high speed. The specially designed formula will protect your chain from corrosion and is water and salt resistant. The Motul Chain Lube C2 Road also contains an solvent which eliminates old residue and penetrates into the chain links. Aside from protecting your chain The Motul Chain Lube C2 Road also protects your O-rings, X- rings, and Z- rings without affecting the seals on the O-rings. Pick up a bottle today and give your ride the care it deserves.

Additional Info

Additional Info



  •   Very strong tack to adhere to the chain even at high speeds.

  •   Increases chain lifespan.

  •   Water and salt resistant. Protects the chain against corrosion.

  •   Extreme pressure resistant.

  •   Protects O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings. Does not affect seals on O-rings.

  •   Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links.

  •   Colorless formula to insure cleanliness when applied. 

Brand Motul


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