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Privacy & Security

One of DROWsports core values and major influences on operations is integrity. With that said, only minimal information will be collected and securely stored. This information will be used only to provide the best shopping experience possible from start to end and will never be sold to a third party. If you give us a call with questions about your account or an order we'll ask you a few questions just to confirm your identity using this information. Any information about tracking your order history with us will be used to help make sure you're getting the right parts you need and/or want. We understand that we're part of a specialty market and culture and want to give you the best personal and unique experience possible.

We've employed DigiCert's SSL certification services. What this means is when you're on our site, you're somewhere safe. Depending on your search browser, whenever you're on one of our pages that might require some of your personal information, just look at your address bar and you should see a padlock and our name in green. This means a secure connection has been established and information you provide will be encrypted. This is a common Internet standard nowadays to help provide a better online experience for everyone, and definitely a something consider anytime you're surfing the internet. Protect yourself and stay safe!

Another feature we would like to keep you informed about are "cookies" these are small files your browser will store on your computer, these are there to give you a better experience at, these cookies will help with recognition and allow your web applications to navigate easier. You also have an option to clear your cookies or refuse them altogether. Please consult your web browsers help section for information to do so. These cookies are safe, and will not cause you harm, nor are they trojan horses lying in wait.

In addition, we may log your IP address, ISP, and time stamps. These will not be used to track you, but only to provide general statistics and provide site security. From time to time we will update our terms and conditions, and other policies, we hope that you will take a moment from time to time as well to check in and review them. In short, feel safe shopping with us, and know we'll be doing our best to give you the best. If you have any questions feel free to email us or give us a call.