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Roller Weights

Any type of tuning is going to feel like one heck of a chore, but the variator is at least one of the easier things to tune, you simply disassemble the variator from your transmission, swap the weights for a different set and put it back, each change should only take a minute or two. While tuning, we recommend keeping a small chart listing each of your weight combinations including total weight and what weights used, next to that, keep track of how it felt accelerating and at the top end, and definitely take notes of any complications!

Also, you'll find both regular rollers, and sliders, we recommend going with rollers first to find the weight combination that works best for you. But once you've determined the specification that works best for you, INVEST IN SLIDERS! Sliders are a premium and are more costly, but it will last you in the long run with optimal performance. Sliders sit lower in the grooves and slide outward easier, its flat surface also deters it from having flat spots which will ruin your performance which commonly and quickly happens with regular rollers. In general, we recommend playing around with rollers first, or maybe even borrow from a friend, then invest in a set of rollers after.

Note: If you don't have an impact gun or wrench, grab a variator tool to hold the nut or you're just going to keep on spinning while you try to bust that nut off!

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