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Taida GY6 170cc Big Bore Engine Package - GY6 150cc

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Create your own GY6 170cc big bore engine package! Starting with a 61mm cylinder kit will get you to 170cc without any machining or splitting of the engine case! Once you've chosen a forged or cast piston, select the additional add-ons and other options.

At this time we highly recommend the cylinder head upgrades as well, doing so now will be far easier and less expensive. Also, if you are considering doing additional upgrades down the road, these are likely to be the ones you would do as they will have the greatest impact. Include them now and save! (please call for more info (562)997-3949)

Price as configured: $0.00



The Taida GY6 170cc Big Bore Engine Package is beyond ideal for capitalizing on the potential of the GY6 150cc Long A-Case.  This kit allows you to significantly increase your displacement to the maximum safe volume of 170cc without any machining or opening up your engine case!

With the cylinder kit is two piston options, the stock cast piston and the upgraded forged piston.  Regarding function and performance, you can expect approximately the same results.  However, when it comes to strength, reliability, and safety, you may want to upgrade to the forged piston.  With a cast piston, the melted alloy is poured into a mold then finely cleaned and machined until suitable for use.  Whereas forged pistons start with a solid cylindrical block of aluminum alloy then stamped and further machined.  One of the main points to get out of this is that cast pistons require additional silicon added to increase the hardness and strength of the piston, while a forged piston starts off as a hardened material and is shaped to specifications.  For high-performance applications and high RPMs, cast pistons can be too brittle and lead to failure.

While you're at this stage of engine building, we highly recommend selecting for the cylinder head upgrades at the same time.  While sticking with the GY6 150cc A-Case, these upgrades would be the most significant upgrades you can do to get everything you can out of your engine.  These upgrades coupled with proper tuning, expect performance results on par with a stock 180cc!

Stage 1: Required parts to do a basic GY6 170cc. This is everything you need to have a complete crate motor.

Stage 2: Recommend internal upgrades. Selecting all of Stage 2 parts along with our head porting will set your apart from all the other 170cc builds.

DROW Head Porting Service:  Ported head will turn your 170cc into a screamer.  We highly recommend this getting your heads port if your looking to get the most out of your 170cc.  A 170cc with a full head package will be a lot faster than 180cc. 

Tier II: Head Porting & Polish, Sniper Cut Valve Guide, Radius Valve Job

Tier III: Head Porting: Customs Porting with Radius Valve Job.

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