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Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil - SAE 30

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 Specialized Engine Oil for the Break-in of your Engine



For any newly rebuilt engine, you want to properly break-in the engine for optimum performance and life. DROWSports has the oil for the perfect engine break-in, the Torco TBO 30. This is a 30 weight oil formulated with high amounts of Zinc and cleansing agents, Torco TBO is designed to help ensure long life of your engine by protecting the engines first start up and scrubbing down contaminants that are commonly left in new engines.

Additional Info

Additional Info


 Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil - SAE 30

  • Prepares new sufaces
  • Promotes proper eating of parts
  • Cleans sufaces
  • Good for First Engine Start
  • Dyno Flush "Base Line Oil"
  • High Detergent chemistry
  • High Zinc Content
Brand Torco Lubricants


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