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Taida Yamaha Zuma 125 155cc Big Bore - 58.5mm Forged

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SKU# TDCK-Z125-585-021

Yamaha Zuma 155cc Cylinder Kit with 58.5mm forged piston from Taida



Taida Zuma125 Cylinder kit with Forged Piston is the higher end kit available from Taida for the Yamaha Zuma125. Taida 58.5mm Big Bore Cylinder kit is the biggest you can go before case machining is needed.

With cylinder kits are generally two piston options, the stock cast piston and the upgraded forged piston. In terms of function and performance you can expect approximately the same results. However, when it comes to strength, reliability, and safety, you may want to upgrade to the forged piston. With a cast piston, the melted alloy is poured into a mold then finely cleaned and machined until suitable for use. Whereas forged pistons start with a solid cylindrical block of aluminum alloy then stamped and further machined. One of the main points to get out of this is that cast pistons require additional silicon added to increase the hardness and strength of the piston, while a forged piston starts off as a hardened material and is shaped to specifications. For high performance applications and high RPMs, cast pistons can be too brittle and lead to failure.

Please see our new upgraded 164cc kit for the Yamaha Zuma 125

Additional Info

Additional Info



  • Yamaha Zuma125
  • Yamaha BWS125
  • Yamaha Cygnus 125


  • 58.5mm Bore
  • 155cc (stock crank)
  • Forged Piston
  • 1 Thin Base Gasket (High Compression)
  • 1 Thick Base Gasket (Low Compression)
  • 1 Head Gasket
  • Piston Pin
  • 2 Piston Pin Clip
Brand Taida Parts


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